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Architecture that repairs itself?
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As cities grow, transportation plans must head for the future

One of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission's (JNNURM) visions is to have cities where the public mass transport system rules.....

Sustainable development aims at meeting the demands of the current generation without compromising on the needs of future generations. Economic and social development should be achieved with minimum impact on the natural resources. In this century, a major challenge faced by all of humanity is environmental sustainability. Millennium Development goals stress on the need to ensure environmental sustainability by integrating sustainable development into a country’s national policy and to reduce the damage caused to the environment.

Development continues to have negative by-products such increased air, land and water pollution. Rapid urbanization is leading to increased carbon emissions and a direct consequence of this is climate change, which is one of the biggest threats being faced by mankind and other life forms. Except for Delhi, most Indian cities have seen shrinkage in the green cover area. The impact of urbanization of city environments has been the most brutal in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and satellite cities like Gurgaon.
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