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Architecture that repairs itself?
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As cities grow, transportation plans must head for the future

One of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission's (JNNURM) visions is to have cities where the public mass transport system rules.....


India's urban awakening: Building inclusive cities, sustaining economic growth,' a report by the McKinsey Global Institute projects that 590 million people will live in Indian cities by 2030. To accommodate this explosive growth, India will need about 25 new world-class cities near existing Tier 1 cities.

Opportunity of India's Urbanisation to 2030

  • 5 times – the number by which the GDP will have multiplied by 2030

  • 590 million people will live in cities, nearly twice the population of United States today

  • 270 million people net increase in working-age population

  • 70% of net new employment will be generated in cities

  • 91 million urban households will be middle class, up from 22 million today

  • 68 cities will have population of 1 million plus, up from 42 today

  • $1.2 trillion capital investment is necessary to meet projected demand in India's cities

  • 700-900 million square meters of commercial and residential space needs to be built – or a new Chicago every year

  • 2.5 billion square meter of roads will have to be paved, 20 times the capacity added in the past decade

  • 7,400 kilometers of metros and subways will need to be constructed – 20 times the capacity added in the past decade
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