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Architecture that repairs itself?
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As cities grow, transportation plans must head for the future

One of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission's (JNNURM) visions is to have cities where the public mass transport system rules.....


The context of the campaign was the growing urbanisation trends noticed. In the next 40 years almost 400 million people are going to be migrating to Indian cities; while this migration took almost 1000 years in Europe, the migration will happen at a much faster pace in India.

Most Indian cities today are reeling under problems of infrastructure collapse because of increasing population, lack of planning and poor management. The underlying cause very clearly is absence of a robust governance structure and its accountability to the public. The existing cities with their existing issues of infrastructure, inadequate governance structure, will not be able to address these problems. This is why there will be an increasing demand for new cities.

The Lavasa Future Cities initiative is an initiative that had been undertaken by Lavasa in association with the Times of India to sensitise the need for future cities to the Indian public. This campaign hopes to create awareness and trigger conversations on the need for new cities.

Planning for the future is vital because by 2030, 590 million people will live in Indian cities and with current infrastructure the most pertinent question will be where will India live? A thought process has to be activated at different levels mainly the Government, the citizens and the corporate to take up:-
  • The need to push for creation of more urban centres for the rapidly migrating Indian populace
  • Push forth the need for better and more workable governance structures.
Lavasa Future Cities will be a facilitator, a medium that will endeavour to bring in the various entities - citizens, corporates, and the policy makers together across different platforms by triggering conversations on the need for new cities.
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